Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Again Family & Friends

Can't believe it's been August since I last made a post on our Family Blog. I guess I have just been keeping everyone updated on Facebook. If you don't have Facebook then it may be time to get it as it's been a great way to stay in touch with family, friends and another way to encourage people and share Jesus! Too much has happened in the last 9 months to write about so you will just have to check the pictures and read the captions. It took me almost the entire day to update so I hope you all enjoy! All I can say is that I am one blessed man and the more I am grateful for all that God has given me the more joy I have. Have you noticed God's blessings in your life lately?

Get this kid a contract!

Cash at his first Kinston Indians baseball game with his brother Gray

We love our Fireman :)

Graydon the conductor

At the motocross races

Camping in the living room

Cozy clothes on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Happy 3rd Birthday Graydon!

You make us so proud son and we are grateful for all the joy you bring into our lives!

Graydon and his best friend

Really enjoyed having my parents come down to see us in NC to meet Oliver Cash and be there for Graydon's 3rd Birthday

Taken a little nap on the couch

Graydon and Grampy at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

We got a tour of the control tower on base, which was pretty impressive.

The White Boys

Grampy and Grammy holding their 8th Grandchild, God is good!

Leigh Ann Bartlett (Our Worship Pastor's Wife) & little boy Matthew Landon. Can you believe Landon is a month older than our little tank Oliver Cash.

Bundled up

Sabrina might be telling me something, not really sure what it is though.

This is what happens when you drink too much milk

I think Oliver Cash has something profound to say

First bath

Brothers. Funny story with this pic, Oliver still had his umbilical cord & Graydon was pretty grossed out by it. We had to put a towel down on Graydon & lay Cash on top of him. Graydon did a great job but only could stand it for about 30 seconds.

Oliver Cash is a natural! Get ready bud to have your pictures taken by your momma the rest of your life :)

Snug as a bug


Graydon with his new little brother, love this precious picture.

A photographer's work is never done.

The nurses called Oliver little big man in the nursery since he was so much bigger than all the other babies.

Oliver Cash White born February 7th at 2:40am & coming into this world at 8pounds 9ounces & 22 inches long. I think he is going to be big like his daddy :) He already respects the game of football as he waited to come till after the Big Game was over.

Oliver meets his mommy for the first time

About ready to POP!

Went bowling as a church staff, fun times, especially after a long morning of meetings.

One of our billboards we put up for Porn Week at our church during Super Bowl week. We talked about the devastation Porn has on a person's life, marriage & family. Amazing on how many people were touched as we confronted this issue & were able to be healed & restored. To look at all the resources that were provided go to

Graydon shredding his paper jamz before one of our services and rockin the guitar pedal.

Graydon was playing his guitar during a church service & our Pastor brought him up on stage in front of over 600 people. Maybe that is his debut as a future Worship Leader!

Some of Sabrina's recent work

A New Years Day Wedding here in NC

Shot this wedding on our actual 5 Year Anniversary

A Wedding we shot in the Florida Keys for a friend of Sabrina's.

Love Fall Pictures

Our Christmas Card

The ever expanding White Family

Snowball fight with Grammy Rousay and the family. Graydon wanted to get in some of the action.

All bundled up

Dressed as an Ohio State Football player for Halloween, of course Graydon will not take any improper benefits from boosters though :)

It's Good!

Grayon loves to ride the public transportation bus around town and for a $1 you can't beat that cheap entertainment.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby #2

Well you guessed it, Sabrina and I are expecting another baby and Graydon is going to be a big brother! Sabrina is 14 weeks and the arrival date is February 2nd. I guess February is a special month for us since Graydon was born on February 26th. We are very excited and can't wait for our family to add one more. We wanted to wait till our first Dr.'s visit and ultrasound to tell everyone. Sorry I haven't posted on my blog for a long time, but with shooting a wedding, starting a new job, a family vacation, and a move across town, it's been a busy summer. I think I made up for it though with all the posts below. Make sure you click older posts at the bottom since not all the recent posts show on the first page. Blessings

37 Years and counting...

This is a special gettin REAL to my parents and my in-laws. They both recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversaries, my in-laws on June 12th (great day by the way!) and my parents on June 24th. There is something to be said about sticking it out through the wonderful and difficult times. The older Sabrina and I get the more we seem to love our parents even more and appreciate all that they have done for us time and time again. I think being a parent yourself makes you see your parents in a whole different light. I look at baby pictures of Graydon and get choked up to see how fast he has grown in 2 ½ years. I can only imagine how much our parents cherish every single memory that they have with their children and grandchildren the older they get.

In June my entire family, all 15 of us, went to Walt Disney World. This is a special place for our family as we have been there many times through the years. This was also special since it had been our first family vacation in almost 20 years together. It brought back a lot of memories from when I was a kid and my mom was amazed at what I remembered. It was a joy to see my parents interact with my son Graydon. Their generosity to my siblings and I have provided wonderful memories for not only us, but now to our own kids. Mom and Dad, I love you both more than you will ever know and I am one of the most blessed men on this earth to have such loving parents that have believed and supported me every step of the way.

Now to my in-laws, not only am I blessed to have such great parents, but to have in-laws who love and support you is incredible. We moved to NC almost a year ago and my in-laws said that we could stay with them so we could get established here in Goldsboro. I think they said yes because there was a cute little boy that came with the package. We told them that it would only be for a couple of months…well a couple of months turned into 10 months. The great thing is we all still like each other and enjoy being around one another☺ We did get our own place last month and I think everyone misses seeing each other in many ways. I do not know how Sabrina, Graydon and I would have made it here this first year without the both of you. Mom and Dad Rousay, you extended your home to us and made us feel like it was our home as well. I know at times it wasn’t always easy having 3 more people in the house, but we made the best out of it and all grew closer together. You both continue to give and give and we are so very grateful for your lives. Mom and Dad White and Mom and Dad Rousay, because all of you have chosen Christ, your spouse and to let love overcome, a great legacy is being made!

Mom Esther and Dad George White

Mom Debbie and Dad Bob Rousay